Upcoming Reviews


Sarah Addison Allen’s newest book, First Frost, reunites us with the beloved Waverly family we met in Garden Spells. I actually only read any of Ms. Allen’s books last year, and my first was Garden Spells. I thought it was wonderfully enchanting and I was beyond thrilled when I learned about First Frost. I’m excited to have had the opportunity to read an ARC of this story, and I’m looking forward to reviewing it. This book is releasing on the 20th of January and my review should be up the same day.


The Walled City is a young adult dystopian story told from the perspective of three characters. There’s Dai, a boy plagued by his past. Jin is a young girl living as a boy (for her safety) who came to the city to find her sister. Mei Yee is Jin’s sister who has spent the last two years trapped in a brothel, dreaming of escape. I haven’t read anything like this book before, and the writing is so beautiful. I can’t wait to share my final thoughts on this one.


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