I’ve been slowly re-organizing my bookshelves…

Tonight, I tackled my mountains of mass market paperbacks. I have somewhere between 90 and 120 MMPs (I didn’t count, I’m just guessing), and I decided to do something different with them. I had them alphabetical with no regard for genre. About two-thirds were on a bookshelf in my bedroom, overflowing. The rest were stacked on one shelf in my living room. I pulled them all off their shelves tonight and

…this is the result.

The front row (plus the boxed Tolkien) are classics, and the back row are not. I’m missing a few from this picture because they’re either MIA, loaned, or among the few I missed in my roundup.

I now have them arranged so the non-classics begin in my bedroom, then there are a few classics there. The remaining books are on the shelf in the living room.

I’m currently waiting on a few books to arrive in the mail, but once they’re here and I’ve moved some more things around to accommodate them I plan to do a bookshelf “tour.” I think I’ll take pictures and make it into a gif.

Also, sometime in early February (if my books have arrived by about the 5th), I’m going to do a January haul post because I bought a lot of books in January! If the books haven’t arrived by then, I’ll do it in two parts, I guess.


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