I finally got back into my account!

Wow, so I haven’t been active on here in ages. Here’s a recap of why, what’s been going on in my life, etc.:

  • I lost my password…
  • …and my screen name…
  • …and I forgot which e-mail I used to sign up.
  • Basically, I fail at life this year.
  • The computer I was using is not in my possession anymore, so I lost my saved passwords and such.
  • I have been in one reading slump after another all year, so I haven’t had much to say. It’s really frustrating because 2015 has been such a great year for books.
  • But, I did a few reviews over on my tumblr blog, so I’ll be copying those over here soon.
  • I also have a new (to me, it’s actually like 7 years old but still a good machine) laptop, and now that I’ve finally succeeded in logging in, I will work on this blog more
  • I just finished up my first year of homeschooling my kid, and wow that was chaotic and stressful because we have no one to talk to about it, ask for suggestions, etc., so I was basically relying on blogs and such for guidance.
  • But for the next year, we have a plan and I’ll be working out schedules for basically everything in my life, so hopefully I will be a better blogger in the coming months.
  • The only bookish thing I’ve succeeded in doing this year is buying way more books than I have room for. Oops.

So, that’s basically my year in bullet points. Thrilling, right?

Honestly, I’m still trying to figure out how to work with WP because I used blogger, LJ, tumblr, etc. and I haven’t spent enough time with WP to do much with it. I hope to change that in the coming months and actually get this blog set up in a way I’m happy with. Until then, I apologize for…well, everything.

I think I’ll come up with a couple of weekly features to do here so there’s some activity even when I’m not reading much. Over on tumblr, I was doing “Must Read Mondays” in which I posted every Monday about one book I love and recommend. I might move that over here because I miss doing it.

Anyway, I will be posting more and working on this blog. I should have at least one review up by the end of the weekend, then I’ll start working on other things.


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