Review: The Princess Saves Herself in This One


Author: Amanda Lovelace
Pages: 157
Published: April 2016
My Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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Where do I even start with this… The Princess Saves Herself in This One is a collection of poetry in four parts: the princess, the damsel, the queen, and you. Honestly, I have a hard time calling this poetry because it’s more than that. This collection is raw emotion and life experiences manifested as words. It’s pain, suffering, self-reflection, self-discovery, love, loss, and more. I could spend years reading and re-reading it, carefully editing this draft, and I still wouldn’t be able to do it justice.

As I read this, I had a couple of thoughts between sudden outbursts of tears. One was that I hadn’t read a collection of poetry that I related to and felt the words so deeply since my first encounter with Sylvia Plath’s poetry when I was a teenager. The second was that I probably should have read it with tissues and wine.

I’ve had book hangovers before, but what I’m experiencing after reading The Princess Saves Herself in This One isn’t a book hangover, it’s a haunting. The words won’t leave me, and I’m ok with that. I bought the Kindle edition of this because A) I could have it and read it faster, and B) money was tight when I bought it. But, I think I’m going to order a physical copy ASAP because I want this on my poetry shelf. Something this important, something that touched my life in the way this book did (which I can’t convey in words, so I’m not going to try)… it deserves a spot on my shelf. I’m certain this will be something I read again…and again.


6 thoughts on “Review: The Princess Saves Herself in This One

  1. I’m not the biggest poetry fan (in fact, I don’t think I’ve read poetry in 8 years) but the title of this one… Ooohhh, I so have to read it now!
    I hope to experience at least half of your emotions 🙂


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