Book Review: The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo


Genres: Non-fiction/memoir; humor

Why I read it: I won a copy from a giveaway on goodreads. (More on this later)

Who I’d recommend it to: Honestly? I don’t know. Adults, fans of Amy’s, people who enjoy reading celebrity memoirs, people who like comedians, etc.

My Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ (4.5 stars)

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What it’s about:

Do I really need to do this? Probably not, but here we go anyway. It’s a bunch of pieces of varying lengths about Amy’s life and experiences. Most have a good bit of humor, but some are really not funny, and not meant to be. Pretty much nothing is off-limits, so be warned if you don’t like “adult content.”


I’d like to preface this by saying I’m really sleep deprived, but I didn’t want to put off reviewing this one so I wouldn’t forget anything. (Also, I kind of hate reviewing memoirs because it feels weird to basically review someone’s life.)

When you think about someone reading a memoir written by a celebrity,  you probably think of fans doing the reading, right? Wellll, here’s the thing… I only kind of knew who Amy Schumer was before this book. (I know, I live under a rock.) What I knew about her was:

  • She’s a comedian
  • Inside Amy Schumer is a thing (I’ve heard the name and I still have no clue what it is)
  • The Star Wars-y magazine cover
  • At some point she said, “I’m probably, like, 160 pounds right now and I can catch a d**k whenever I want.”
  • The picture of her in her underwear on twitter (I think) and the comment “I am a size 6 and have no plans of changing. This is it. Stay on or get off.”
  • The Glamour magazine plus-size issue thing
  • This gem about getting birth control (which I saw on tumblr, I think, and as of 30 seconds ago, I finally know what Inside Amy Schumer is)

I’m actually glad I went into this not knowing much about her. I didn’t feel any fan-driven obligation to read an enjoy it, and it gave me a sense of what her comedy is like in my favorite medium (I just don’t watch/listen to comedy very often). If I hadn’t won a copy, there’s a good chance I would have bought it.

I blew through most of this in almost one sitting. I laughed out loud a few times, I cringed many times, I wanted to hug her several times, I teared up at least twice, and  I wish I could thank her. I had many other reactions while reading this book, but those are the highlights.

“I don’t know how introverts survived without the Internet. Or with the Internet. Actually, I don’t know how we survive at all. It feels impossible.”

Some funny people don’t always write as funny as they are in person, but I think her humor translated well to the page. (I bet the audio book is even better, though.) The writing flowed well, with no sections dragging by. It was funny when it was supposed to be, but she also wasn’t afraid to talk about serious issues (both in her own personal life, and beyond). She talks about so many things, like being an introvert and how she manages that doing what she does for a living, sexual encounters (not always her own), her family, her childhood and time in college, money, her journey from starting stand-up to where she is now, her vagina, and much more. This book was mostly humorous, but there were sections that broke my heart.

I wish I’d had this book when I was younger, because I think it would have helped me think differently, especially about myself and my own worth. It wasn’t because she gave loads of advice, but because it was just so…nice, I guess, to read about a woman who owns her mistakes, loves herself, and is living her life on her terms. It was refreshing, and a bit inspiring. Reading this book was like coming home after a long day in uncomfortable clothes and shoes, and getting into your coziest pajamas and slippers, then ranting about your day to a friend. I felt lighter and happier, more comfortable (with myself), but just a little sore (there were some painful things to read about).

While I didn’t love every minute of reading this, I did enjoy it overall. I’ll recommend it to others, I’m sure, and now I want to watch her show or something.

“I know my worth. I embrace my power. I say if I’m beautiful. I say if I’m strong. You will not determine my story. I will.”

tl;dr review: There’s more to this book than humorous stories, and I really liked it and recommend it, especially if you’re already a fan.

If you have issues reading about sex, bodily functions, “strong language,” mentions of alcohol and other substances, domestic abuse, women talking about what it’s like to be a woman, etc., you should probably not read this book.


Have you read it? What did you think?


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