I’m thinking about moving my blog

To make the long story behind “caffeinatedbibliophile2” short: I have a tumblr blog (caffeinated-bibliophile) and wanted to try out WP, but I wasn’t sure I would like it and actually use it. For a long time I didn’t really use it much. It was basically just a thing to play around with, and an extra link to add to my Net Galley account (because I was pretty much only posting reviews here, after posting to tumblr…now it’s the other way round).

But, now I really like WP, and I hate that I tried to keep this so connected to tumblr by using the same name…sort of. (Also, apparently “caffeinatedbibliophile” is taken, but I can’t find the actual blog, if it exists, so I have no clue what’s up with that.)

So…I’m considering making a new WP. I’d leave this one up, with a sticky post redirecting to the new one, and probably copy all my stuff from this one to the new one.

I just can’t think of what to use for the URL. I’m considering using the same as my instagram (CoffeePoweredBibliophile), though. I’m still thinking about it, and I might not do it at all. I just hate my URL and I don’t think I ever intended for it to be permanent. I was going to check out wordpress, see if I liked it, then make a new blog to get serious with. Guess I forgot to leave myself a note to remind me to do that :p



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