Harry Potter Moment of the Week: March 9th


This weekly meme was created by Uncorked Thoughts and is now hosted by Lunar Rainbows.


The topic this week is: If you could change one thing from book 5, what would it be?


I’m super late getting this up because I forgot to write it ahead and schedule it, oops :/

But thankfully this is the first topic I’ve instantly known exactly what I would change: the death of Sirius.source






I don’t think I even care if it was a necessary death that, if prevented, would be part of a butterfly effect of bad stuff. I would still change it.


Is there something you would change about Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix?


2 thoughts on “Harry Potter Moment of the Week: March 9th

  1. And I don’t blame you one bit! I think all the other devastating deaths in the series would be more bearable if Sirius Black was alive. After all these years, I still desperately wish he’d survived ♥

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