Harry Potter Moment of the Week: March 16th


This weekly meme was created by Uncorked Thoughts and is now hosted by Lunar Rainbows.


The topic this week is: Which cast member from the films do you think was the most perfect fit for the character they portrayed?



Maggie Smith as Minerva McGonagall! I didn’t even have to think about this one.



Who did you think was the perfect fit for their character?


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3 Responses to Harry Potter Moment of the Week: March 16th

  1. Miss Mimz says:

    You’re right: Maggie Smith IS Minerva McGonagall! I adore her character in the books and only MS could have brought her to life so perfectly and in a way to do the character justice ♥ And I agree with Jaclyn about how she picked up on all the characters nuances so brilliantly 😀

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  2. Yes 100% She was so fantastic for that role. McGonagall had so many little nuances to her too with being so strict but getting excited over Quidditch, and Maggie provided every bit of that.

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    • Yes, exactly! I think so many people were great in their roles, but Maggie was amazing. I think my favorite scene was in Deathly Hallows when Piertotum Locomotor was used for the suits of armor haha. (It was also a favorite from the book, but seeing Maggie’s portrayal of McGonagall in that scene made it even better.)


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