It’s World Poetry Day, so I’m sharing a poem

Most of the posts I’ll be making about poetry are being reserved for April (National Poetry Month in the US), and I’ll be talking about some of my favorite poets and collections of poetry.

But, I’m trying to get over my fear of letting anyone (even my closest and most trusted loved ones) read any of my writing. So, in honor of the day (well, night, since it’s already tomorrow in most of the world), here’s one of my poems :/



I taste the word,
weigh it on my tongue and find
it’s right.
Though you’ve never used it.

Sometimes I think I see it
up your throat and
at the gate of your teeth,
begging you to spit it at me
just once.

But you don’t.

Your lips press it back,
and you force it
til you’re nearly choking,
and I feel like
I should thank you
before I realize that
just because
you didn’t say it
doesn’t mean you aren’t
thinking it.


About battybibliophile

If you’ve somehow found your way to this blog, hello! I created this blog for (mostly) book related posts. I’m not entirely certain about the potential content that will find its way here, but I have some ideas. I will probably use this space for reviewing books, posting short thoughts on what I’m reading (or planning to read), quotes, rants, etc.
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3 Responses to It’s World Poetry Day, so I’m sharing a poem

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  2. I’m glad you worked up the courage to share with us! For the record, I think this is GREAT!

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