My unexpected hiatus is over now

I’m not sure if I’ve reached a point where anyone notices if I don’t stick to my posting schedule (except my husband, aw <3), but I’ve been way off lately, and then I didn’t post anything for at least a week. Ouch.

I’d planned to have a new review up over the weekend, but I haven’t even read the book yet. I missed a few of the weekly memes I really love doing, I never posted a wrap up for Tome Topple (I failed; didn’t even finish one tome), etc.

Why? I got sick. It started with getting glutened for the first time in a few months (gluten and I are not friends) and everything snowballed, ending with my husband trying to help me up when I fell off the bed and my wedding ring almost breaking my finger.

Many people, independently, have told me they want to put me in a bubble for my protection because I have really awful luck and I’m usually either ill or injured (and the injuries usually happen in the most ridiculous ways so my pride takes a hit, too). Throw in depression and anxiety to the mix and sometimes I just can’t do everything I need/want to do.

I don’t think I have a big enough blog for anyone to have missed me yet, but if you did, I’m sorry 😦 I think I’m back now, and hopefully I won’t be gone this long again.


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