Poetry Tuesday

I’ve talked about sharing my poetry here for a while, and I’m finally going to give it a shot.

(Excuse the awful doodle thing for the featured image. I didn’t have good enough lighting to take an actual picture to use, so I did a thing on my tablet to serve as a temporary stand in.)

I’m always my worst critic, but lately it’s even worse. I’ve been editing some to possibly, eventually, try to publish, so I’m sick of all of it and think it’s garbage right now. Hopefully it isn’t :/

My poetry used to be really long most of the time, but over the years it’s steadily become shorter. I do still write poems that stretch longer than a page (small-ish pages of a journal), but I think I start with sharing shorter pieces.


My heart responds to you,
like a trained, captive bird
seeking a beloved master,
wings beating against my (rib)cage.

How foolish it was, to think
the one who broke its wings,
then nursed it–almost well–
would allow their plaything
to fly once again.

And now I shall run away and hide πŸ˜›


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