Harry Potter Moment of the Week: May 11th


This weekly meme was created by Uncorked Thoughts and is now hosted by Lunar Rainbows.


The topic this week is: Free Week! Your choice 🙂—So, I went back through the archives and decided on this one: “12/06/2014 – Character we wished we’d learnt more about


There are sooo many characters I would love to know more about, but I’m going to go with….




She was one of my favorite characters with a fairly small part in the books/movies, and I loved her. I think I would read an entire series about her. Like, can you imagine what she was like in school? I have so many questions about her, and I wish we’d learned more in the books.


3 thoughts on “Harry Potter Moment of the Week: May 11th

  1. Oh good topic pick and GREAT answer! Tonks was brilliant and her character is really fascinating! Her skills, personality and career choice make her super unique! Honestly though I think I’d want a series of ALL my favorite characters but Tonks is definitely included in that 😀

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    • Thank you 🙂 Oh yes, entire series for all the favorites would be amazing ❤ I would love to see Tonks in school, though. I feel like she would have been her generation's Sirius or something haha.


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