Non-Bookish Things I’m Loving Right Now

I was up until 3AM trying to figure out a post for today, and I had too many ideas and not enough ideas at the same time. (Basically, I had several ideas, but was struggling to come up with enough to say about any of them.) So, I’m just going to talk about some random crap I’ve been loving, because I am lazy and also stressed out 😛

I have dry skin, and it can become quite painful in the autumn and winter. I’m also prone to having bad reactions or breaking out from products, so it’s been a real struggle to find skincare that works for me. Last year, I heard about this SheaMoisture Glow Getter Pressed Serum when Jessica Braun on YouTube talked about it, and I have been obsessed ever since. I can see a difference in my skin if I don’t use it for a week or two, so I think this has found a permanent home in my collection.

SheaMoisture Manuka Honey & Yogurt Glow Getter Nourishing Cleanser - 4.2oz - image 1 of 4

Because I loved the serum so much, I’ve also started using the cleanser from the same line, and I really like it so far. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling stripped or greasy, and I think it’s a nice alternative to the CeraVe hydrating cleanser I was using before. (I think this actually makes my skin feel better than that one did.)

HEARTNICE Womens Fleece Robes, Soft Plush Long Bathrobe, Thick Kimono Robes for Womens, Warm House Coat

I finally broke down and bought a new robe because my old one was just too worn out to be warm enough for autumn and winter. I found this hooded one on Amazon a few weeks ago, and I’m really impressed with it so far. It’s warm and cozy, and the length is perfect for me (not too short, not so long I worry about stepping on the bottom).

After we got a little sample of Bones Coffee in an OwlCrate last year, I eventually decided to order from them. They’ve been my go-to all year, but I’m really loving some of their autumn flavors. From Dusk Till Donuts honestly smells just like jelly donuts, and I’m convinced there’s some kind of sorcery involved. If you like coffee and you haven’t tried Bones, I highly recommend them.

Pumpkin Pie Cookies Box with pumpkins and cookies in an orange background

I love Goodie Girl cookies. It’s funny because I didn’t really like cookies at all until I couldn’t have them (I can’t have gluten). Goodie Girl makes fantastic cookies, and I’m so glad I was able to get my hands on their Pumpkin Pie sandwich cookies. (I don’t live anywhere near a store that sells their cookies, so I had to order from Amazon.)


The Syndicate bottle from Ello has been a favorite of mine for about six months now. I don’t like plastic or metal drinking vessels, so I really wanted a refillable glass bottle that wouldn’t shatter if it tipped over. I love this bottle so much! It has a locking lid, and when the little piece that pops the top open broke on my bottle, Ello sent me a replacement after I contacted them about it ❤

Cover art

Okay, maybe this is a weird one, but husband and I have been really loving the That Shopping List app recently. This is a new one for me, after trying probably a dozen shopping list apps over the past few years. We like it because it’s easy to organize, make lists for different stores, and share the list so we can both update it. Plus, it’s free. We have Android phones, but it’s also available for iPhone.

While doing the shopping a few weeks ago, husband found these Bubbie’s Hawaii Cookie Dough Ice Cream Bites, and holy crap you guys, these are so good! I’ve always liked cookie dough ice cream, and I miss Ben & Jerry’s so much. These are convenient and so satisfying when I have an ice cream craving. (Their blood orange and triple chocolate mochi flavors are also great, in my opinion.)


I don’t listen to podcasts often, but two of my favorites right now are Hex Positive and BS-Free Witchcraft.

I also was loving Approachable, but I’m waaay behind on it and really need to catch up on like an entire season’s worth of content :/

Another one I need to catch up on is Less is Morgue. I’ve only listened to maybe 3 or 4 episodes, but I enjoyed them.

My life, even before covid, was small and boring. But, I try to find a little joy in the little things, like a tasty cookie or a podcast about a ghost and a ghoul 😛

What are some things you’ve been enjoying lately?

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  1. I recently bought some Kimberley’s pumpkin spice cupcakes from Kroger (or Ralph’s) and I am obsessed with them. I usually shy away from cupcakes because I find them too sweet, but these were the perfect amount of sweetness so it wasn’t overwhelming. I have also been enjoying the SheaMoisture intensive hydration hair mask because my hair gets really dry during the colder months. It leaves my hair so silky smooth and healthy-feeling; I love it! I love their products so I will definitely have to try out their serum you mentioned because my skin is sooo dry.
    Loved your post! 🙂

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    1. Oh those sound great! I also usually find cupcakes too sweet (and when I make them, I always decrease the sugar a recipe calls for). I just finished a hair mask I wasn’t loving, so I’ll definitely try to pick up that one soon!

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