Poetry Tuesdays: August 29th

poetry tuesday

I finally started working on my collection again for the first time in a few months. I’ve been kind of hiding from it, because if I finished writing it, I might actually have to do something with it. And that’s pretty terrifying. I’m still not sure if I want to try my luck with traditional publishing, or just go ahead and self-publish it, but I’ve set my birthday as my goal to have it finished (written, mostly edited, and arranged). So, I have about 6.5 weeks to do all of that, and hopefully figure out a title.

Identical stark white cogs
in a murderous machine are
held together with matching scarlet ties.
They swore vows, not to lovers or country,
but their almighty god who wears the faces
of leaders long dead, or glitters gold,
while dripping blood wrenched from the poor.

They were sworn into power,
not with hands placed on the holy book
they claim to love and abide,
but with greedy lips at shady back doors.
They struck bargains in the dark alleys of
this circus they’re running, while their star clown
took to the throne atop the pachyderm’s back.

But even elephants can be toppled


Poetry Tuesday: August 22nd

poetry tuesday

My internet is up again, sort of, finally, so I’m trying to work on blogs posts for this week.

I’m still not sure if Poetry Tuesday is going to be a regular thing or if I’ll do away with it at some point, but, for now…


5 A.M.

I’ve got last night’s thumbprints
under my eyes–
the evidence of another fight
I lost.

There’s dog hair in my coffee–
third time this week–
but the strongest brew
isn’t enough to hold me up
on its own right now.

The clock is slow again,
and I think,
It’s too bad I can’t fix
my own slow-moving parts
with a new battery
and turn of a dial,
to set things right,
to be good as new again.

Poetry Tuesday: August 15th

poetry tuesday

Ho-ly craaaap :O It’s been two freaking months since I did a Poetry Tuesday. I was never sure if I wanted to do it weekly, anyway, but eesh. I thought I’d at least put out one a month :/

This week, I’ve been wanting to write out my feelings about the awful things happening (threat of nuclear war, Charlottesville, etc.), but I just can’t. So, I tackled a much smaller issue that’s been bothering me for a while.


We’re just smashing keyboards

don’t know
the poet
was thinking,
the message
were sending
they broke
l i n e s.

Poetry Tuesday: June 13th (Plus a special guest haiku :p )

I’m still not sure if I’m going to make Poetry Tuesdays a regular thing. Probably not, but I’m feeling up for posting today. (And I still haven’t gotten around to making a better featured image. It’s somewhere on my to-do list.)

First up, my special guest: my husband. In the car a few days ago, husband and I were talking, and I have no idea how it happened, but he came up with this gem and (possibly sarcastically/jokingly?) suggested I use it for “Poetry Tuesday” this week. And so I am 🙂 (With permission.)


First, I saw the light
at the end of the tunnel.
Then I heard the horn.


And now my contribution for the week, though I don’t know how I can follow that. Maybe I should have posted mine first 😛


I spent last night
digging up graves,
just to make sure
the past
was really
and gone
and couldn’t
reach me

-I woke up with phalanges in my hair

Poetry Tuesday (a short poem of mine + poetry book haul)

I almost decided to just skip posting this week, but I decided to go ahead and share something super short. This is possibly the shortest thing I’ve written and consider complete, actually :/


I remember the day I found
your Change of Heart card
in the mail, tucked between
some other junk and bills.

–it was dated months before you left


I also (FINALLY) bought some more poetry books ❤ Why is it that waiting for books to come in the mail always seems so much longer than waiting for almost anything else?

poetry portrait

And I still haven’t gotten around to making a less pathetic “featured image” for Poetry Tuesdays :/ Maybe I’ll keep this one, who knows. (Hey, my husband said he likes it :p But really, I need to actually finish making the images for stuff so my blog has some semblance of cohesion.)

Poetry Tuesday

I’ve talked about sharing my poetry here for a while, and I’m finally going to give it a shot.

(Excuse the awful doodle thing for the featured image. I didn’t have good enough lighting to take an actual picture to use, so I did a thing on my tablet to serve as a temporary stand in.)

I’m always my worst critic, but lately it’s even worse. I’ve been editing some to possibly, eventually, try to publish, so I’m sick of all of it and think it’s garbage right now. Hopefully it isn’t :/

My poetry used to be really long most of the time, but over the years it’s steadily become shorter. I do still write poems that stretch longer than a page (small-ish pages of a journal), but I think I start with sharing shorter pieces.


My heart responds to you,
like a trained, captive bird
seeking a beloved master,
wings beating against my (rib)cage.

How foolish it was, to think
the one who broke its wings,
then nursed it–almost well–
would allow their plaything
to fly once again.

And now I shall run away and hide 😛

It’s World Poetry Day, so I’m sharing a poem

Most of the posts I’ll be making about poetry are being reserved for April (National Poetry Month in the US), and I’ll be talking about some of my favorite poets and collections of poetry.

But, I’m trying to get over my fear of letting anyone (even my closest and most trusted loved ones) read any of my writing. So, in honor of the day (well, night, since it’s already tomorrow in most of the world), here’s one of my poems :/



I taste the word,
weigh it on my tongue and find
it’s right.
Though you’ve never used it.

Sometimes I think I see it
up your throat and
at the gate of your teeth,
begging you to spit it at me
just once.

But you don’t.

Your lips press it back,
and you force it
til you’re nearly choking,
and I feel like
I should thank you
before I realize that
just because
you didn’t say it
doesn’t mean you aren’t
thinking it.