Review Policy + How I Rate Books

I’m working on updating this as of February 16, 2019

*Not currently accepting books for review.*


Who I’ll accept books from:

I accept books for review from authors and publishers, including self-published and indie press books.

Where my reviews are posted online:

My reviews are posted on this WordPress blog, shared to my Tumblr blog, abridged reviews are posted to Goodreads (with a link to the full review on my blog), and Amazon. I also share links on Twitter.

If you would like a review posted to another site, please let me know and I will do so (except in the case of sites that require me to sign up before posting a review). Once a review is published, I will provide links for you if you request them.

When I’ll post reviews:

Please let me know if you need a review by a certain date. Sometimes I can not read and review as quickly as I would like due to other life obligations getting in the way.

  • If your book has not been published yet and I am reviewing an ARC, I will try to post the review within a week of publication.
  • If your book has already been published, I will aim for reading and reviewing it within a month of receiving a copy to review.

Genres/categories I’m interested in reviewing, and subjects/themes that interest me:

  • Fantasy/Paranormal (paranormal romance, urban fantasy, some high fantasy, cross-genre such as paranormal/cozy mysteries, etc.)
  • Some Sci-fi (Case by case basis as I determine what my preferences are.)
  • Dystopian  (Case by case basis.)
  • Erotica (BDSM or not, but I am not interested in old-leather, pet play, or rape fantasies)
  • Horror/Thrillers (particularly ghost stories, gothics, less-written about creatures)
  • Poetry
  • Some Historical Fiction
  • I read YA and adult books
  • I am particularly interested in LGBTQ+ books with pansexual and bisexual representation (without the cheating trope)
  • Retellings of lesser-known fairy tales (including those not of western European origin)

Things I am NOT interested in reviewing, and topics I avoid:

  • Most romance (exceptions may be made, such as for paranormal romance)
  • Most non-fiction
  • Religion/Spirituality (I would consider books related to paganism in general, non-Wiccan witchcraft, heathenry, divination)
  • If there are graphic scenes of rape, self-harm (cutting specifically), child abuse, animal harm/abuse, or eating disorders, please do not contact me about reviewing your book.

If you would like to contact me for reviews: 

Please e-mail me at

Please include the following in your message:

  • A subject line that clearly indicates a request for a review, such as “Review request for my book [book title]”
  • The name of the book
  • A brief summary
  • Publication date (or expected publication date)
  • The genre
  • And, if possible, a link to the book on Goodreads

Formats I accept for review:

Physical copies or .mobi e-books.


I reserve the right to deny a request if I feel incapable of reviewing the book for any reason (be it sensitive subject matter, a book in a series I haven’t read yet, etc.)

How I rate books:

★★★★★loved it (even if I don’t know why) and I absolutely recommend it.

★★★★ : I really liked it and probably will recommend it.

★★★: It was ok. Not great, not awful, and I might recommend it.

★★: I didn’t like it. I probably wouldn’t recommend it except under very specific circumstances.

: I really disliked it/hated it and do not recommend it.