My Rating System

★★★★★loved it (even if I don’t know/can’t explain why) and I absolutely recommend it.

★★★★ : I really liked it and probably will recommend it.

★★★: I thought it was good. Not great, not awful. If it’s the first in a series, I might read on. I would probably recommend it.

★★: It wasn’t really for me, but I probably would recommend it to people whose reading preferences I think it would suit.

: I really disliked it/hated it and do not recommend it.

Sometimes, I just love a book, even if I also recognize problematic elements within it. If I had a good time reading it, and it felt like a 5 star book for me at the time, that’s what I’m rating it.

The same applies to any rating I give a book, but I do try to explain what I liked/disliked when I review the book.

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