Call Me a Quitter (or maybe not)

If any of you have followed this blog for a while and have noticed my posting frequency going down, down, down (to pretty much never), I'm sorry. A few times (I think?) I've mentioned how I've sort of lost my love of blogging, I've fallen into a blogging slump, or some similar line of thinking.... Continue Reading →

Weekly Blog: February 22nd-28th

I think the unofficial subtitle of this week's blog should be, "The blog that almost didn't happen, because it temporarily didn't exist." (I've been having so many tech issues recently, and I'm almost ready to call it quits on blogging.) My desire to read nothing but romance hasn't waned at all, so I guess I'm... Continue Reading →

Weekly Blog: February 15th-21st

This is turning out to be a strange month. It's possible that it might turn out to be my best reading month of the year, at least for number of books completed. Monday I did almost nothing today, and haven't decided what I want to read next. I'm almost finished watching Bridgerton, and I'm probably... Continue Reading →

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